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Thousand Dollars Make a YouTube uploader

Largest Internet search engine companies in the world, Google gives rewards in the form of money to about 500 partners Youtube (Youtube uploader), each amounting to U.S. $ 1000.

Google via YouTube Partner program (Youtube Partner Programme) aims to encourage higher-quality content on the site YouTube, where you can be a partner and earn revenue from your videos (as long as good video).

This program runs very well, now that YouTube has had more than 15,000 partners around the world.

For Google, these partners have produced a lot of revenue for the company by making the people look to YouTube, which Google is now giving reward them by giving each U.S. $ 1,000 at 500 Youtube partner.

This reward is received in the form of credit at B & H photo store, where partners can get Youtube better photographic equipment for themselves so that they can make better videos in the future.

Along with the recognition of their existing on board Youtube, it certainly will encourage more people to become partners and obtain money for their videos.
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