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Sony Released 2 Model Blu-ray Rewritable Drives

Tokyo - Sony has launched two new models of Blu-ray rewritable drives the internal drive, the BD-5300S and external drives, BDX-S500U.

Both drives support the latest Blu-ray format, including Blu-ray 3D or BDXL format, which is the format choice of the latest 3D movies.

Sony Blu-ray BD-5300S internal drive has a SATA interface and fits in any 5.25-inch bay size on your PC cabinet.

This drive can write to the media single layer BD-R media up to 12x and dual layer BD-R up to 8x, so theoretically capable of recording a full 25GB disc in about 10 minutes.

This drive can write at 12x even at 6x BD-R media are compatible. DVD + /-R can be written at up to 16x, DVD + /-DL up to 8x, DVD + RW at 8x, DVD-RW at 6x, DVD-RAM and CD-R/RW 12x up to 48x.

While Sony's Blu-ray external drive BDX-S500U is equipped with a USB interface Hi-Speed 2.0 and can write to single layer BD-R up to 6x, to a dual layer BD-R up to 4x and BD-RE at 2x.

This drive also comes with Cyberlink Media Suite 8 to help you enjoy Blu-ray movies at no additional cost.

Sony BD-5300S priced at around 2.2 million rupiah, while Sony BDX-S500U valued at 3.7 million dollars and they get a one year warranty
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