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Garmin-Asus designed A50

PHone-Life.Designed to perform both as a personal GPS navigator and fully-featured smartphone, the Garmin-Asus A50 offers both car and pedestrian navigation modes. It is super fast, with an average location fix taking only 30 seconds. The A50 presents a stylish, durable device powered by professional Garmin navigation software, and offers users the fastest and most precise navigation available in its device category.

The sleekly-designed A50 comprises a full-function Android 2.1 smartphone, with a vibrant 3.5” HVGA TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen which is ideal for car navigation and accessing a variety of versatile features through the intuitive user interface. It ships with 4GB of internal storage, including a generous 510MB reserved for ultra-fast downloads of and quick access to applications. The CPU operates at 600MHz, and features L2 cache for expedited performance.

The A50 brings together the power of an Android smartphone with built-in professional navigation software of the latest Garmin 1460 navigator. Voice-prompting and turn-by-turn directions pronouncing street and place names en route to any destination combine with Junction View and Lane Guidance indicating approaching turns and exits for complete-confidence in-car navigation experiences on a smartphone. The device comes preloaded with detailed street maps and a comprehensive point of interest (POI) database.

With enhanced navigation capabilities, the A50 is a perfect companion for different travel modes - driving and walking. All modes feature automatic re-routing should travel conditions change. Additionally, the A50 features a high resolution 3.5” touch-screen that can switch between day and night modes for perfect viewing at all times. The uniquely-designed car mount automatically enables speaker mode so that the smartphone can serve as a hands-free handset while driving. Incoming calls do not stop navigation, thus users can always stay focused on the road and while enjoying hands-free calling. The phone even saves its last location while receiving satellite signals when removed from its bracket - very useful for getting back to a parking location.

Geo-tagged photos for reference and navigation offer the easiest way to come back to a much-enjoyed spot. Geo-tagged pics can be easily shared on various social media, or sent directly via email and MMS. In addition to a large built-in point of interest (POI) database, the A50 provides real-time location-based information covering weather, currency exchange and flight status. These connected services can be accessed instantly via the A50's ‘click and go' function. It also boasts smart integration of Google™ mobile services, including Google Maps, YouTube and the Android Market, where users can find thousands of applications to enhance their experience and personalize the phone to fit their lifestyles.

The package also comes with a free Car Kit (charger included) valued at RM249.
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